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Fratello's Catering Begins Deliveries on December 1st!
Fratello's has been catering fresh, homemade delicious dishes for years. We opened 2, Cafe & Italian Markets because of customer requests. Now we are serving our famous recipes to your children. Stop by one of our Cafes and get a taste of Fratello's. Visit FratellosCatering.com for locations.

What Fratello's delivers:

  • Rotating menu with a variety of meals that kids will love.
  • Nutritional, fresh, tasty and healthy meals.

It’s easy to order lunches:

  • Order lunches now at www.fratellosschoollunch.com
  • You create an account and choose lunches from either a large or small portion at www.fratellosschoollunch.com. You can choose a different portion for each day ordered.
  • Please enter your child's name, grade and home room in the instruction box in the shopping cart check out.


Your child will look forward to eating lunch made the Fratello's way!








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